About the Institute

Genetics is one of the most rapidly developing disciplines of science. The Institute for DNA Research (Instytut Badań DNA), established in 2001, has the potential allowing it to take active advantage of achievements in this field.

Key operations

The key operations of the Institute cover research and testing for the requirements of crime detection.

To date we have carried out a number of undertakings, chiefly for the requirements of public prosecutor's offices, the courts and the police. Our specialists' knowledge, supported by state of the art laboratory equipment, has frequently proved to be helpful in the most difficult of criminal cases. The organization of the Institute's laboratory constitutes a guarantee as to the total protection of material evidence and traces. Their circulation is controlled by means of reports in line with binding procedures in crime detection and the canon of process law. In our work we use biological material obtained from micro-traces such as cigarette stubs, hair, stains on clothes and many others. The time duration for the realization of this type of work is highly competitive - approximately 14 working days.
We also carry out a series of genetic analysis that allows kinship to be established. The results of our expertise in this field are used in cases to establish or refute fatherhood, inheritance or immigration. We use only certified equipment and apparatuses produced by renowned American companies. The work of the laboratory is supervised by an expert with longstanding experience of the Central Crime Detection Laboratory of the Police Headquarters (Centralne Laboratorium Kryminalistyczne Komendy Głównej Policji), and who is at present the Head of the Faculty of Biology at CLK KGP.

Scientific operations
An important part of our Institute's work comprises scientific operations. Scientific research issues at our Institute are managed by Professor Andrzej Płucienniczak, an outstanding specialist in genetics. The Institute carries out wide-ranging implementation research in the field of medicine. We deal with tissue consistency system diagnostics, virological and parasitic diagnostics. At present we are working on implementing a method of non-invasive prenatal foetus DNA examination on the basis of foetus cell analysis. The operations of the Institute have led to the development of a unique method of toxoplasmosis diagnostics.

Conferences and training
In November 2002, under the Patronage of the Minister of Justice - the Prosecutor General, we organized a conference entitled "DNA Evidence in Process Proceedings". The conference was attended by eminent specialists from the Faculties of Law and Philosophy of Warsaw University, the Polish Crime Detection Society and the judiciary. We are planning, in the nearest future and in co-operation with the Ministry of Justice, to organize a conference and training session devoted to the application of genetic research in court practice.

In May 2003 in Popowo, there was another conference organized by The Institute of the DNA Research in co-operation with the Ministry of Justice. It was entitled "DNA evidence in preliminary and court proceedings and sentencing."

Thanks from the Ministry of Justice

The Institute of the DNA Research has also trained prosecutors and judges in Warsaw, Katowice and Ostrołęka areas. The subject of DNA analysis has been already lectured to more than a thousand prosecutors and judges by now. It is a measure of the Institute's involvement in the modern justice system in Poland. More conferences and trainings are planned.

Thanks form the President of the Appellation Court in Katowice

Your are warmly welcome to take advantage our services.

Institute of DNA Research has organized the Conference under the patronage of the Polish Minister of Justice.
The conference was entitled "DNA evidence at legal proceedings"

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The participants have been welcomed by the Deputy General Prosecutor of the Republic of Poland - PhD. Ryszard Stefanski

The letter form the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland

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The Institute of DNA Research has published a book consisting of the Conference's lectures.


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